Meet Moges the Lion! Roarin’ for Our Illustrator

Moges the Lion pictured with his cub

Hello Moges the Lion!  Moges the Lion joined the Tales of Ethiopia team Labor Day weekend when we labored to meet some literary deadlines!  His first job? Find us an illustrator who will paint him beautifully!  Moges is a working lion father that takes great pride in his cubs, one is pictured above.

Moges the Lion traveled from Alatish National Park located in Quara woreda of Northern Gondar  – that’s a mouthful – in northwestern Ethiopia to Washington, DC.


Moges the Lion ROARS a hello to Tales of Ethiopia readers! ROOOAARRRRR!

Moges the Lion’s pride & joy relaxing in Alatish National Park

His family lives along the Alatish River that flows from Ethiopia to Sudan.




4 thoughts on “Meet Moges the Lion! Roarin’ for Our Illustrator

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  1. Hello Moges! Illustrator here.
    It would be a pleasure to me to catch your beauty in one of my illustrations.
    Check out my work on my website, or reach out to me directly via email.


  2. Hi! Thank for your answer and feedback I really appricate it. So if it comes about animals – some of my another illustrations you can see here:
    I hope the link works.
    Not all of them are, let’s say, full illustrations, rather depictions of characters (and I know, animals with clothes are not what they are look like in real 🙂 but I can, of course, draw them more as they are) so that’s all what I have for now 🙂 Cheers, Martyna Czub


  3. That is EXACTLY what I wanted to see. The mouse and polar bear are so cute. Thank you

    On Thursday, October 19, 2017, Tales Of Ethiopia,* Children's Stories of Fun, Friendship, Family & Faith wrote:



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