Meet the Tails of Ethiopia* Writers and Artist!


Tails of Ethiopia makes you laugh & learn!


Tales of Ethiopia’s characters are furry, feathered, finned and funny creatures whose stories will make you laugh & learn – just like this little girl from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!  Selam, Hamrawit (pronounced ham * raw * wheat), Seble, and Carol are the authors of Tales of Ethiopia! Here’s our story:

Meet Selam!

Selam Tesfaye Gebreyes is a software engineer and contractor with the National Institute of Health. She designs and builds websites to attract you!  She has worked in the private and public sector.  Born and raised in Ethiopia, she moved here in 2010.  Her grandfather told stories to her every night and now she wants to inspire a new generation of children to love the nature, animals and beauty of Ethiopia. Selam and her friends founded Season of Grace Ethiopia to help the people of Ethiopia.  Selam and attended Mekelle University in Ethiopia and obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering and presently attends the University of Maryland University College for her Masters in software engineering.   When she’s not writing children’s stories, she loves to have dinner and conversation with her best friends Hamrawit and Seble!

Meet Hamrawit!

Hamrawit Tesfa loves families, friendship, and community!  She has traveled from the United States and Ethiopia to places all over the world to help families raise children and build and learn about community resources. Our Hamrawit has been on television, the radio, and the Internet teaching about parenting and friendship building in towns, villages, and cities.  Like her other writer friends, Hamrawit goes to school and she likes it! She is getting a PhD in social work from Howard University and works at Montgomery College as community engagement specialist. She helps Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian people get a better education.   At Eastern Michigan University she obtained her B.A. in social work; at the University of Michigan she obtained her M.A. in Social Work. She is the author of Raising Children in The West, written in Amharic.

Meet Seble!

Seblewengel Wube, who we call Seble, was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, came to the United States when she was a teenager.  She likes to laugh! Seble earned her B.S. Degree in Kinesiotherapy with an emphasis in Health and Fitness from the Virginia Commonwealth University. She works at non profit Ethiopian organizations in the Washington, DC metro teaching kids and parents how to learn and live better. She founded Season of Grace, Ethiopia to help the people of Ethiopia!   Seble works at the World Bank Group teaching people to be healthy, active, and strong!

…To read more, contact us at Tales of Ethiopia to reserve and purchase the children’s book.






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