Mama Cat & Kitten*

“Mama Abeba can we see the kittens?” beg Robel and Samrawit. “Yes, but you must be very very quiet!! Whiskers is a mama cat, and all mamas care about their new babies!”

Denbit the Bird & Tola the Boy*

Tola the boy runs to the creek every morning. He washes himself clean. Denbit the Water Bird sings a morning song for Tola. Tola understands the bird’s song. He hears her words: “You splash, clean, and bath! I do too! You’re a boy and I’m a bird small and blue I sing sweet songs to make you laugh, Best way for any boy to have a bath!”

Eagle Baby Finds a Home*

In a Shola fig tree in Ethiopia lives Baby eagle and his mama and papa. His name is Adam. Mama and Papa Eagle love Adam, their baby eagle. God loves baby eagle, too. “We love you, baby eagle Adam,” say Mama and Papa eagle. “I love you,” says baby eagle Adam. “I am a happy eagle baby!” says Adam.

Flying to Ethiopia & Finding Research Sponsors

Did you know the Calla Lily is the Ethiopian national flower? We didn't either. The Tails of Ethiopia* Book Team will fly its writers, illustrator and editor before August for a research project to Ethiopia so they will have a better visual understanding of its wildlife, plant life, geography, stories and history. We will start a Go Fund Me page. Keep an eye on these pages, more information to follow! cheers, Tails of Ethiopia* Book Team

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